Please fill out and submit the form below to request to reserve a pavilion.  Check the Calendar first to ensure it is available on the day and time you want it.


Donations are appreciated when reserving one of the pavilions.  Your contributions will help fund the operations and enhancement of Winter Camp Park.

Please go to the Contribute page to see ways to make your contributions.

Park Rules

  • Winter Camp Park is private property for exclusive use for The Woods community homeowners,  residents and their guests.  

  • Park hours are dawn to dusk.

  • No hunting, fireworks, and no open or camp fires; propane grills are permitted.

  • Owners must always keep dogs on leash and collect their pet waste.

  • No trash service- CARRY IN and CARRY OUT.

  • Music is allowed but shall not be so loud as to bother neighbors.  All complaints will be investigated and dealt with immediately, including removal from the premise.