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Our Treasured Supporters

Restroom Construction Contributors. 

The following friends and neighbors have been very generous in contributing towards the construction of permanent rest rooms at Winter Camp Park.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   

Everyone else, please add your name to this list to help us make this a reality!! Click on Contribute to see how to give to this effort.



Sandra Yin

Janis & John Flanagan


2022 WHOA Community Celebration Attendees

Steve Rose

Sheryl & Bob Dolin

Liz Dunst

Bill Schecker

Natalie Maiden & Vanessa Griffin

Larry & Susan Morris

Bette Carpio

Dick & Marlyn Williams

Brian & Patti McMahon

Natalie Knight


Bruce Birch & Susan Halse

Emma Stokes

Butch & Sharon Rose

Steve Warner Concert Attendees

Judy & Bill Wynne

Lee & Carol Conlon

2022 Fall Music Fest Attendees

Laura Word & Lamar Williams

Dan & Mary Forte

Georgette Kauhane

Ron & Jeanne Dyer

Tama & John Eliff, III


Dave & Mary Ahlquist

Caryl & Len Swahn

Jean & Gary Cooney

Sue & Alan Bowman

Mark & Kathy Cichocki

Chuck & Janet Fouke

Michael & Barbara Murray

Tom & Pat Ketchel

Marty & Rita Johnson

Renee & Fred Gibb

Susan Dunne

Winter Camp Park Friends


Laura Word & Lamar Williams                    2021 Bluegrass Festival Attendees       Mike & Deborah Kupecz

Marty & Rita Johnson​                               Butch & Sharon Rose                                         Tom & Pat Ketchel

               Winter Camp Park Friends

The 2023 Friends. 

THANK YOU to the following 2023 Friends of Winter Camp Park.  These friends are the ones who have contributed at least $100 this year to help develop and maintain Winter Camp Park.  Click on Contribute to be added to this list!

Carol Boyette​

Mike & Deborah Kupecz

Dawn McClure

Fay & Greg Stump

Janis & John Flanagan

Merrie Blocker

De McGurgan

Steven Payne

David Keeler

Jim & Diane Price


Bernard McKay

Colin McLetchie

Kim & Mike Sykes

Connie Davis & Mike Howe

The 2022 Friends. 

THANK YOU to the following 2022 Friends of Winter Camp Park.  These friends are the ones who have contributed at least $100 this year to help develop and maintain Winter Camp Park.  Click on Contribute to be added to this list!

Carol Boyette​

Henry & Marlene Hutton

Fay & Greg Stump

Mike & Deborah Kupecz

Leeway Graphics

Joyce Cutlip

Fred & Renee Gibb

Ania Albino

Bruce Birch & Susan Halse

Emma Stokes

Ann & Ron Gephart

Arlene Ruckle

Big Orange Tabby

John & Patti Ross

Dot Goodman

Sally Bradley

Becky & John Valasek

Anthony Kajencki

Isabel Dunst

Bev McNeill

Diana Campbell

Rosemary Sweeney

Lita & Ed Treacy

Allen Terhaar

Nancy Pearson

Marie & Paul Blain

Merrie Blocker

Nancy & Krista Cushman

Michelle Freeman

Courtney Sieloff

Mary Etta Boesl

De McGurgan

Larry & Becky Mayou

Judy Perdew

Doug Carlson

Jane & Bill Elliott

Tom & Pat Ketchel

Cheryl Foster

Jill Uttridge

Cristina Gifuni

John Wittrick

Jack & Nancy Malloy

Mary & John Straub

Carol Dean Jones

Bill Schecker

Jean & Gary Cooney

Cindy & Gary Gresham

Kim & Mike Sykes

Kivonshica Shaw

Ron & Jeannie Dyer

John & Jean Adams

Richard Minnis


Bernard McKay

Richard & Marlyn Williams

Mary Lawrence Melvin & Julie Wilberding

James Loebig & Dina Cookus

McNeal household

Shirley Marcus-Allen & Lloyd Buckner

Steve Rose & Sandi McGee

Brian & Patti McMahon

Tom & Victoria Wheelock

Connie Davis & Mike Howe

Frances & Dean Wagner

Ken & Maryann Valcourt

Pat Tatem

Mark & Susan Youngren

Sheila Joy & Jeff Jolles

Larry & Lynne Livermore

Rosemary & John Woodall

Sheryl & Bob Dolin

Robert & Amy Uccellini

Janis & John Flanagan

Cindy Nemoto

Dolores Coutts & Richard Long

Gary & Denise Hershberger

Matt & Audrey Warpinski

Marc Berk

 Corporate Friends.

A Huge THANK YOU to our current  Corporate Friends of Winter Camp Park who have contributed to the park over the past year.  These companies, who provide their services to residents of The Woods,  have contributed at least $250 to help develop and maintain Winter Camp Park. 

Companies who become Friends will receive the following:


1. Acknowledgement on the Winter Camp Park website;

2. Acknowledgement in the Winter Camp Park newsletter email throughout the year;

3. Ability to have a small advertisement on the bulletin board within the Park;

4. Ability to have handout material at all large Winter Camp Park activities, and

5. Decals for company vehicles recognizing status as a Friend of Winter Camp Park.


Click on the Contribute page to be added to this list!

Art Classes, Dog Portraits, Coaching

622 Tecumseh Trail, Hedgesville, WV 25427


Look Family Exteriors

420 Boardwalk Lane, Hedgesville, WV 25427


Craig's General Contracting & Electrical

1199 Kelly Island Rd, Martinsburg, WV 25405


Pill & Pill, PLLC

85 Aikens Center, P.O. Box 440, Martinsburg, WV 25402


B & R Mowing & Landscaping

964 Ropp Drive, Martinsburg, WV 25403


Fairway Home Services

Hedgesville, WV 25427


Artisan Kitchens

Hedgesville, WV 25427


Brown Funeral Home

327 W. King Street, Martinsburg, WV 25402


Spring Valley Farm Market

1793 Dry Run Road, Martinsburg, WV 25403


C&C Lawn Care

2406 Mountain Lake Road, Hedgesville, WV 25427


Honey House

933 Providence Church Road, Hedgesville, WV 25427


B&M Painting, Inc.

92 E. Burr Blvd, Kearneysville, WV 25430


Soft Washing Pressure Washing


L.R. Wilson Seamless Gutters

2540 Back Run Rd., McConnellsburg, PA 17233


Potomac Valley Home Services

1108 Mountain Lake Rd, Hedgesville, WV 25427


Nando's Exterior Cleaning

Martinsburg, WV 25401


The Hafer Team - Jim Hafer

804 N Queen St., Martinsburg, WV 25404


Barr Plumbing LLC & Pump Service

Hedgesville, WV 25427


Made in the Shade

209 Vulpine Drive, Gerradstown, WV 25420


The inclusion of a company as a Corporate Friend of the Park does not constitute an endoresement, warranty or recommendation by Winter Camp Park and it makes no representations about any product or services of a Corporate Friend of the Park

Our Volunteers.

Winter Camp Park has become the beautiful,  welcoming spot it has become due is large part to the many volunteers who have stepped up to maintain and enhance the Park.  The following individuals and companies have provided support by donating or providing materials and services at cost, or volunteering many hours of sweat and elbow grease since work in the park began in 2015.

Fairway Home Services

Judy Perdew

Larry Morris

Len Jurkowski

Phil & Brandy Wismer

Robin Cole

Mike Boggs

Wendy & Joe Smith

Nancy Pearson

Ken Valcourt

Ron Pew

Bob & Sally Selepak

Dan & Mary Forte

Mike Harbin

Artisan Kitchens

Tom Ketchel 

Bill Herbert

Ed Quinn

Allen Terhaar 

John & Mary Straub

Geoff Simonds

Paul Tyson 

George Koelsch

Jim Loebig

John & Becky Valasek

Don Logan

Ken Valcourt

Larry Langston & Wendy Albertini

Back Creek Bend Farm

Bob Leeson & Susan Pleinis

Jack Malloy

Mike Wirth

Dick & Marlyn Williams

Richard & Becky Almeter

Carmen Petruzzi

Danny & Frances Knight

Jeff Fehlauer

Frances & Dean Wagner

Fred & Renee Gibb

Marty Johnson

Steve Warner

Sue Walker

The Partners. 

We are a group of homeowners interested in rejuvenating the community spirit of The Woods, and protecting our property values in the process.  In 2015 the original group of 12 homeowners pooled our resources to purchase the only unrestricted property adjacent to The Woods when it was placed on the market.  We wanted to protect it from the possibility of it being purchased and developed by others not having the best interest of The Woods community in mind.  Since then some partners have moved away, and we added a new partner in 2022.We are collectively joined as the Community Center Partners, LLC.  Feel free to talk to any of us about Winter Camp Park.

Marty & Rita Johnson
Isabel Dunst
Audrey Rowe

Gary & Cindy Gresham
Dan & Mary Forte
John Meyer & Donna Dean

Caryl Jones-Swahn & Len Swahn
Frances & Wil Compton
Bob & Sally Selepak
Steve Rose
Sandi McGee

2019, 2020, & 2021 Friends.

The Friends of Winter Camp Park from 2019, 2020 and 2021 are certainly appreciated too.  Every year support is needed and many of these Friends continue their support every year.  Thank you all for your contributions!  Check out these friends here.

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