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A Park


By the community


For the community

Winter Camp Park is FREE for all Woods Residents to use.  NO MEMBERSHIPS, NO FEES.

It is privately owned by some homeowners, and is not associated with The Woods Homeowners Association (WHOA) nor Potomac Valley Properties (PVP).

Donations are appreciated.

Floor Poured & Framing begun!

Major Project

Restroom Constuction

The major project in 2022 and continuing in 2023 is the construction of a Restroom Facility.  Inflation and supply problems have increased our costs.  So we evaluated current  and future expected expenses and have revised our projected cost for this project to approximately $45,000. Progress will be made based on funds received. We have established a Special Restroom Fundraiser for this. See below the costs and progress so far.  With funds raised in 2021, the water/sewer service was brought into the Park, and water is available in Pavilion #1. As a result of the many contributions we received in 2022 (including a few VERY GENEROUS neighbors) before and during the Labor Day Weekend Music Festival, and at the two subsequent musical events, we have raised over 95%  of the funds needed to erect the building!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

The funds contributed so far have allowed us to make significant progress on the restroom.  The footers have been excavated and poured, the foundation blocks installed, and the exterior walls have been erected, rough in plumbing installed, and we have roof!  With the contributions we received so far this year, we poured the floor and have begun framing the interior!  

Check out the photos to see the progress. 

Please contribute to allow us to finish this in 2023!

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Current News

Porta Potty has been delivered for availability until the Restroom is able to be completed.

Wednesday Social Hours resumed on April 5th!  They are every Wednesday, Rain or Shine!

HORSESHOES and BADMINTON  are now available at the park and can be played during the Wednesday Social Hours.  

Horseshoes are available all the time!

June 10th - WHOA Community Festival

WARNING - Missing Mail

We have had mail problems again to our Winter Camp Park address.  It might be resolved, but we had not been getting all of it.  Some has been returned to sender 6 weeks late! Therefore, if you want to mail us a contribution check, please address it in care of

Mary Forte, 170 Lookout Ridge, Hedgesville, WV 25427.  

You may also give checks directly to any of the WCP partners.

PayPal and credit card payments are still received. 

Note: We acknowledge all contributions usually within a week of receipt, either by mail or email, and we deposit the check in the same timeframe.  So if your check has not been deposited in a couple of weeks, please let us know.  It has likely not been delivered.

Join the  2023 Friends of Winter Camp Park Program now!

Yes, the 2023 decals are in, and we are happy to have you join, or renew your participation in the Friends of Winter Camp Park program for 2023.  The initial major projects have been funded by contributions from the twelve homeowner partners, including the purchase of the land, construction of two family-sized pavilions, and significant excavation and grading to mediate water flow.

Contributions by other homeowners helped purchase picnic tables and property maintenance and enhancement. 


Continued support is needed from the community to accomplish other projects and to pay for annual recurring expenses of over $10,000 (insurance, taxes, accounting, electric, grass cutting, computer services and portable potty), and to keep this area FREE FOR ALL.

So,  join the Friends of the Park program to support this goal.


This Park is being developed thru a series of projects.  These projects will be started based on several factors: safety, usability, interest, and availability of resources.

Check out the Projects page to see what has already been completed.

Permanent Restroom construction is the current project being undertaken.  See below for more info on this major project.

Get Involved

The creation and maintenance of this park can only be accomplished by the help of volunteers within the community.

Every year there are lots of needs for volunteers to help with the park including:

  • Park cleanup

  • Removing dead trees

  • Set up pavilion for Social Hours

  • Help with social events

  • Many others

Please consider helping with any of these or other things you are interested in. Use the Contact page to forward how you'd like to help.

Corporate Friends of the Park 

In response to requests from businesses serving The Woods to acknowledge the benefit they have received by working with Woods residents and indicating their interest in supporting the Park's further development we created the Corporate Friends of Winter Camp Park program for 2020. 

Our 2023 Corporate campaign is constantly seeking new Corporate Friends to join the team for a yearly contribution of only $250 or more. A huge THANK YOU to those companies below who have contributed so far to show their support to our community.

Check out the Supporters page often to see all the Corporate Friends and to join the list! Mention this program to companies you work with and have them contact us or let us know and we'll reach out to them.

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2022 Labor Day Weekend Music Fest
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