Winter Camp Park

1888 Wintercamp Trail

Hedgesville, WV  25427

Winter Camp Park is FREE for all Woods Residents to use.  NO MEMBERSHIPS, NO FEES.

It is privately owned by some homeowners, and is not associated with The Woods Homeowners Association (WHOA) nor Potomac Valley Properties (PVP).

Donations are appreciated.

NEW! Corporate Friends of the Park

In response to requests from businesses serving The Woods to acknowledge the benefit they have received by working with Woods residents and indicating their interest in supporting the Park's further development we have created the Corporate Friends of Winter Camp Park program for 2020. 

Check out the Supporters page often to see all the Corporate Friends and to join the list!


This Park is being developed thru a series of projects.  These projects will be started based on several factors:

- Essential for safety and appearance of the park

- Amount of interest expressed by the community and the partners

- Availability of resources (funding and volunteers) to accomplish the project

Check out the Projects page to see what has already been completed.

Get Involved

The creation and maintenance of this park can only be accomplished by the help of volunteers within the community.

Every year there are lots of needs for volunteers to help with the park including:

  • Park cleanup, especially in the Spring

  • Grass cutting and trimming

  • Cutting and removing dead trees

  • Set up pavilion for Wednesday Social Hours

  • Help with or manage social events

  • Many others

Please consider helping with any of these or other things you are interested in. Use the Contact page to forward how you'd like to help.

Friends decal.jpg

The initial major projects have been funded by contributions from the twelve homeowner partners, including the purchase of the land, construction of two family-sized pavilions, and significant excavation and grading to mediate water flow.

Contributions by other homeowners helped purchase picnic tables and property maintenance and enhancement. 


Continued support is needed from the community to accomplish other projects and to pay for recurring expenses of nearly $4000 (insurance, taxes, electric, computer services and portable potty), and to keep this area FREE FOR ALL.

So,  join the Friends of the Park program to support this goal.

 Social Events

Wednesday Social Hours

Every Wednesday,  at 5:00 pm, from Spring to Fall, there is a no-host Social Hour for all Woods homeowners, residents and their guests.  Bring your own beverages, and hors d'oeuvers to share (optional).  Come and socialize with your neighbors and friends. The Wednesday Social Hours are suspended until Spring 2020.

Parties, Parties, Parties!

Enjoyment of the park and pavilions by the community has significantly increased over the past year.  Uses include block parties, birthday parties, family reunions, and of other community group uses. There even was a wedding in 2019! Go to Reserve Pavilion to schedule your event!


The Woodstock 50 Anniversary celebration was a huge success. The festival was attended by over 200 neighbors and friends.  For many, it was their first visit to Winter Camp Park.  

The band, formed solely for this event, was AWESOME!  It consisted of Woods residents and their friends, led by Brian McMahon, who formed the band, and they practiced in just in less than three months time. Many attendees commented that they could not tell if the live band was playing or if the song was coming from DJ Dan Forte.  They were that good!!  We certainly have a talented community!

Thanks to all those in the community that made this a reality.  This included those that helped cut and trim the grass, clean the  pavilion, move the tables and chairs, decorate the park, build the stages, provide games for the kids, make signs, organize the food tables, cook and sell the hot dogs, and of course, bring the tasty food for all to enjoy.

Also thank you to all who gave financial contributions.  If you didn't get a chance to do so at the event, just click here for ways you can still contribute.